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I specialize in content strategy and development,
visual storytelling, video and photo 
art direction, and project management.
My Mission:
Create impactful work
that engages, educates, entertains, and inspires.
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What Makes Me Tick?

I’m a doer, who builds bridges with colleagues, encourages innovation, and rallies everyone around the creative vision.

I’m dedicated to developing content that follows a strong narrative, tells an engaging story, is visually stunning, and connects with the target audience. I’m a hands-on producer— a motivated creator who aims to inspire and implement a strategic vision.


In recent years, I’ve produced 2,000+ hours of online educational and marketing video content that exceeded goals for revenue and engagement. During a career that’s encompassed video, print, web, and photography, I’ve always approached my work with excitement and drive.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy


How Can I Help You?

Video Content Strategy 

Curriculum Development

Video and Photo Production 


Line Producing

Talent Recruiting 

Project Management

Event Planning and Execution

Content Marketing

Script Writing

Art Direction

Graphic Design


“Jim is a true polymath and an extraordinary leader.

He has a way of managing multiple endeavors, deadlines and initiatives,

all at once and with extreme diligence, exuberance, talent, patience, grace, wit and utter professionalism.”

— Debbie Millman

Designer, Author, Host of

the podcast Design Matters

Photos by Daniel Petersen

& Casey Cosley


Video Project Portfolio

Please enjoy a small sampling of video content I helped create.

As Executive Content Producer for the work here

my efforts included:

Ideation • Content Strategy & Development

Script Writing & Interviewing Talent • Production 

Location Logistics • Post-Production Finalization

Promos & Social

 Promos & Social 

Debbie Millman: A Brand Called You

Cooking by Ear: Behind the Podcast

With Cal Peternell & Kristina Loring

Thinking Like A Book Designer:

Michael Bierut & Jessica Helfand

Landscape Photography From Start To Finish with Matt Kloskowski

Mobile Photography with Pei Ketron (Instagram Format)

Visual Design: Parsons at the New School

Write Your Book with Jennie Nash

CreativeLive for Business: Brand Awareness

Content Marketing

 Content Marketing 

Tips On Taking Authentic Family Portraits with Chris Orwig

How to Photograph a Bride and Groom with Daniel Kudish

Qualities of Light with Frans Lanting


Basic Chainmaking & Jump Rings with Megan Auman

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Let’s Chat


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